How to prevent and manage
personal and team stress


We study the causes of stress and bring personalised solutions, without using relaxation methods such us, yoga …
This training allows you to understand and identify the different factors related to stress thus enabling your to work and live with more serenity and coherence. Stress is not a fatality. Primarily it is an instrument of self-knowledge. This training will orientate you towards solutions that correspond to your own personality. There is no general or unique answer to stress. The only worthy solutions are those which bring a specific solution to each person, efficient and durable.

Principle axes to be studied :

  • Understand what leads to and increases stress.
  • Be aware of your strong points and axes for improvement when faced with stress.
  • Learn how to use our natural resources to limit the impact in certain stressful situations.
  • Lower the stress levels of participants throughout the training and arm them with tools to deal with future situations, which could be stressful.

Organisation :

  • Groups inter-company  (5 or 6 participants), 2  day training.
  • Inter-company, on site, INTERCOM FORMATION adapts to your specific needs. By exchanging ideas, we will build a training that meets your objectives. A one or two day training, individual coaching or in team coaching, in French or in English.
  • Possibility of follow up sessions, for example one 4 hour session, 3 months after the initial training, and another 6 months after.

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