Presenting in English

Objectives :

Feel more at ease during professional presentations in English. Create a good first impression. Communicate
in a natural manner and avoid cultural misunderstandings. Optimise visual information: power points, documents,
and body language. Improve performance in an international context.

Methods :

  • You will acquire « hands on », experience, whilst integrating communicating skills in a natural and operational manner.
  • This "workshop" is run by a certified British trainer who has years of experience working with trainees (individually / groups) in international companies.

Contents :

  • How to start, structure and organise your presentation.
  • Optimise visual contents: figures, graphs and tables.       
  • How to use your voice and coordinate your body language.
  • Transmit key ideas using positive language.
  • Present and discuss specific propositions.
  • Manage unexpected situations.
  • Assure transitions and a good conclusion.
  • Answer and manage questions.
  • Give and receive «  feedback »
  • Specific requests  - day 2.

Planning and organisation :

  • Intermediate level in English is required
  • 2 days of 7 hours training.
  • Sessions to be defined together.


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