Train to be a Trainer

Objectives :

To be able to transfer skills or knowledge in a teaching way not purely as a presenter.

To feel more at ease in this role during a seminar.

Develop your teaching potential by integrating techniques and methods in a natural and operational «hands on» way.

Obtain a survival kit for immediate use.

Methods :

  • Pragmatic approach, based on reflection and interactive communication.
  • This “workshop” is run by an experienced certified British trainer who has years of experience working in international companies.

Contents :

  • Life positions relevant to good communication
  • Structuring and ensuring a safe learning environment
  • Different pedagogical methods and techniques
  • Reflection on the different trainees needs
  • Understand the learning cycle and group dynamics
  • The different phases of contact
  • The different “Motivations”
  • Animation – knowing when to turn it up and down
  • Dealing with difficult participants and situations
  • Designing a Training
  • Role-play and feedback sessions.
  • Particular requests for Day 2

Planning and organisation :

  • Contents will be defined to meet the specific needs of the trainees.

  • Minimum 2 days of 7 hours training


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