Train to be a Conference Moderator

Objectives :

How to identify and optimise positive elements in the conference. Feel more at ease in this role. Ensure clear communication and an environment favourable, which permits open exchanges. Obtain clear and structured feedback, which can be analysed and built upon.

Methods :

  • Pragmatic approach, based on reflection and interactive communication.
  • This “workshop” is run by an experienced certified British trainer who has years of experience working in international companies. Member of Toastmasters International, practising professional speaking tools, in advanced communication.

Contents :

  • Life positions relevant to good communication
  • Structuring and ensuring an environment for open exchanges
  • Time management
  • Ensuring that people feel listened to, understood and valued
  • Taking and directing questions
  • Animation – knowing when to turn it up and down
  • Dealing with difficult participants and situations
  • Guiding the workshop towards a rewarding outcome for all involved
  • Public speaking skills adapted to the audience size
  • Preparing the workshops
  • Role-play and feedback sessions.
  • Particular requests for Day 2

Planning and organisation :

  • Contents and planning defined to meet the specific needs of the trainees.


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