How to increase you and your team’s performance whilst reducing stress and understanding the different forms of communication.

Personality in colour : Bleu, Purple, Yellow, Red, Green and Orange.

POTENTIAL PARTICIPANTS : Managers, Health Care Personnel, Sales Representatives, RH, Heads of teams and anyone wishing to increase their leadership and communication skills.

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS : Groups of 5 to 8 people.

PLANNNING : 3 days, over a 3-week period (1+1+1).


  • Identify your natural and most efficient role in a team and those of others.
  • Understand how others function in order to help them achieve their objectives.
  • Deal efficiently with conflict and difficult situations  whilst preserving your health.
  • Be understood by people of different cultures and perception.
  • Motivate your interlocutors and understand your current motivation.
  • Build teams which are homogeneous and balanced thus optimizing results.
  • Improve self-understanding for better time, stress  and potential management.


  • Know how to identify the different personality colours.
  • Use the communication tools to adapt to your interlocutor’s way of communicating.
  • Learn how to manage our energy and stress levels, thus avoiding the consequences, such as  « burnout ».
  • Identify conflict and conditional behaviour  in others and practice how to react.
  • Know how to maintain good relations even in conflict and stressful situations.
  • Know how to satisfy our deep motivations and those of your interlocutor’s.


  • Each participant fills in an auto perception questioner to establish their profile in colour in English/ French.
  • Documents and participation in English or in French.
  • Use of video clips.
  • Exercises, role playing.
  • Case studies on situations experienced by the participants.
  • Training sessions on methods taught.

The questionnaire (on line) must be completed 8 days before the training, to ensure the delivery of the profile on time.

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