How to optimise your potential

Objectives :

An accompaniment during changing circumstances. Creating space to clarify objectives. Know yourself better to increase performance in personal and professional situations. Gain confidence and develop leadership skills. Identify and overcome “obstacles” in daily life. Manage stress; strive for efficiency while thriving.

  • Coaching for problem solving, transition and performance.
  • Preparation for presentations, negotiations and exams.
  • Identify potential (interview, test, training)    ( .
  • Defining motivation related to promotions/or professional transfers.
  • Assist in school or professional orientation (
  • Build winning teams and improve communication between the members.

Methods :

  • Respect the coaching processus.
  • Create links, define objectives.
  • Identify solutions with the participant

Some extracts from the professional code of ethics for coaching :

“The coach promises to respect the professional confidence guaranteeing strict confidentiality of information concerning the client and any partners involved.”

“The coach is supervised by another coach thus ensuring a safe and professional practice.“

  • Certified Coach, LKB School of Professional Coaching Paris
  • Certified Coach Trainer. ComColors©   (
  • Tools: PNL, Transactional Analyses, Constellation, Active Listening, Personnel Profile.

Planning and organisation

  • Preliminary and intermediary tripartite meetings to establish criteria for success.
  • Sessions and hours to be defined together.

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