Skills Assessment

How to optimise your potential

Objectifs :

 An accompaniment during changing circumstances. Career development and evolution, reorientation, professional transition. Creating space to clarify objectives.  Know yourself better to increase performance in personal and professional situations. Identify and overcome “obstacles” in daily life.

  • Define a new professional project in line with your motivations.
  • Know your skills, aptitudes, qualities and what interests you.
  • Gain confidence and energy.

Méthods :

1/ Stage one

We meet and build a relationship based on trust, respecting the rules of confidentiality.

2/ Stage two

Your personality, skills, qualities, abilities, deep motivations and interests are established. Your weak points will be detected, enabling you to take action.

3/ Stage three

You will receive a personalied report identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Guiding your future career choices.

Planning and organisation : 

  • Sessions : 2 hours
  • Convention : can be subscribed as DIF or as part of the compagny's training programme for a quick start to your skills assessment

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