To perform well one must feel good and be motivated. From experience, when in a safe environment we relax, share, enjoy and learn easily. thus increasing our motivation and performance. I'll deal with the environment and know how, you, the enjoying and improving.

Coaching, for me, is the honour to accompany someone who has a desire to progress, and reach their full potential, while developing their professional and personal lives

30 years of experience working directly with people of all origins and skills, teaching, guiding, supporting and accompanying them towards their future goals, with much pleasure and success

At your service for  :

  • Made to measure solutions 
  • People's needs first and foremost
  • Your plan seen from an other angle 
  • Wide range of tools and multicultural ideas

10 years experience in public and private hospitals in Great Britain and France.

20 years experience in small and large companies : OCED, Hutchinson, Alcatel, Le Joint Français, Anator and Local Authorities.